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About us


Steaks and dishes exclusively from local products.
Temernitskaya St., 73 (parking) / Serafimovich St., 74 (the secondentrance)
Working hours

Sun-Thu 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Fri-Sat 12:00 pm - 02:00 am

Описание изображения

"In my work, my philosophy is simple: respect the product you work with,
and think about people for whom you make a dish."
© Dmitry Roy, the "Royce" Steakhouse chef.


Dmitry Roy started his career as a cook in Rostov-on-Don in 2007. He studied at the 'Michelin' 3-star 'Paul Bocuse' restaurant of Paul Bocuse (Lyon, France) the famous and recognized chef of the century. Having returned to Russia, he worked as a chef in the best restaurants of Sochi, took an active participation in the opening of several thematic restaurants and premium hotels (Azimut Hotel 4 *, Radisson Hotel 5 *, Hotel Golden Bay 5 *). He worked as a chef on Formula-1, held in Sochi.

He worked with such famous chefs as Tais Van Runn (Netherlands), Daniel Major (Switzerland), Dragoslav Stanojkovic (Serbia), Anatoly Galkin (Russia). He did the cooking for the top officials of Russia (President Vladimir Putin), Belarus (President A. Lukashenko), Tajikistan (President E.Sh. Rahmon), Netherlands (King Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand), Cuba (Ambassador (Emilio Lozada García), the Russian Olympic Committee and also for many other famous Russian and foreign artists, showmen and filmmakers. The steak house "Royce" presents the original Dmitry’s cuisine: impressive huge burgers and steaks from farmer's and marble beef, as well as salads, sauces, desserts, cocktails.


SHASHLIK (kebab)







* The price is for 100 gr of steak. Possible weight of steak is from 300gr to 1400g. Ask a waiter, what steaks are available.

** The maximum recommended degree of steak doneness - Medium Well.

*** Recommended degree of doneness - Medium and Medium Well.

The menu shows the weight of ready steaks with the Well Done degree of doneness. With a smaller degree of doneness the weight of a dish is more.




BBQ-sauce 40gr / 60RUR

Chutney sauce 40gr / 60RUR

Dijon mustard 40gr / 60RUR

Mustard with baked onions 40gr / 60RUR

Ketchup 40gr / 50RUR

Garlic oil 20gr / 40RUR


Raspberry coulis 40gr / 80RUR

Onion jam 40gr / 80RUR

Chutney from dried fruits 40gr / 70RUR

Cherry sauce 40gr / 60RUR

Ginger sauce 40gr / 60RUR


Mushroom sauce 40gr / 60RUR

Sauce from garden herbs 40gr / 60RUR

Tartar on white wine 40gr / 60RUR

Sauce in the Moroccan style 40gr / 60RUR

Mustard vinaigrette 40gr / 60RUR

Butter with herbs 20gr / 60RUR

Sour cream 40gr / 40RUR


Sriracha sauce 40gr / 80RUR

Thai hot sauce 40gr / 60RUR

Pepper sauce 40gr / 60RUR







Grilled bun with sesame 1pc. / 65RUR

Roast beef with mustard * 100gr   / 390RUR

Meat chop from lamb 130gr / 310RUR

Meat chop from pike perch fillet 150gr / 290RUR

Meat chop from beef   130gr / 270rub.

Meat chop from chicken fillet 105gr / 240RUR

Fried bacon 30gr / 60RUR

Cheese sticks 90gr / 160RUR

Swiss cheese with blue mold 30gr / 120RUR

President Brie cheese 30gr / 90RUR

Camembert Cheese 30gr / 90RUR

Swiss Parmesan cheese 20gr / 90RUR

Mozzarella cheese 30gr / 60RUR

Creamy cheese 30gr / 40RUR

Onion rings 50gr / 80RUR

Fried leek onion 20gr / 60RUR

Onion confit 20gr / 30RUR

Red pickled Onion 30gr / 20RUR

Fried tomatoes 30gr / 65RUR

Grilled Vegetables 50gr / 60RUR

Sweet pepper 20gr / 60RUR

Pickled young corncobs 30gr / 50RUR

Crispy hash brown 50gr   / 50RUR

Salad leaf 10gr / 45RUR

Jalapeno Pepper 20gr / 40RUR

Cole slaw from cabbage 70gr / 40RUR

Pickled cucumber 30gr / 35RUR

Pickled pearl onion 20gr / 35RUR

Fresh tomato   30gr / 35RUR

Fresh cucumber 20gr / 25RUR









Grilled roast beef with mustard * degree of steak doneness at option - 160gr / 340RUR

Royal prawns (boiled, fried) - 180gr / 340RUR

Cheese sticks with ginger sauce - 200gr / 320RUR

Squid rings in coating * served with spicy Thai sauce - 170gr / 290RUR

Chicken wings in honey glaze * served with hot Thai sauce - 260gr / 280RUR

Deep fried Onions rings * served with Chutney sauce - 170gr / 260RUR

Rye croutons with cheese and garlic - 100gr / 95RUR









Sagan-dile (There are notes of eucalyptus, fir needles, thyme, barberry and green apples In the bouquet. This natural energy drink raises immunity.) 500ml / 300RUR

Milk Oolong (The bouquet of brewed tea is bright, light, floral with notes of creamy caramel, vanilla ice cream and fruit pastille.) 500ml / 250RUR

Shu Pu'er (The bouquet of brewed tea is multifaceted, walnut- and woody, with notes of rye bread, chocolate, camphor and prunes. The taste is soft, sweet, fresh with light berry sour) ) 500ml / 250RUR

Tieguanyin (Brewed tea bouquet is fresh, herbal- and floral with notes of spices and ripe melon and a thin berry sour) 500ml / 250RUR

Dyan hong cha (The bouquet of brewed tea is warm, rich and spicy with biscuit, wood, fruit, fir and citrus notes. The taste has citrus sour and some notes of spices.) 500ml / 250RUR


Mountain tea (Incredibly fresh tea from mountain herbs from mint, St. John's wort, thyme, willow-tea, dog rose, hawthorn, sage, oregano, raspberry and blueberry leaves, barberry) 500ml / 200RUR

Vintage series "Mojito" (Green Sencha mixed with Chun Low Chinese green tea, thyme and peppermint.) 500ml / 190RUR

Winter orange (High quality black tea with jasmine notes, citrus aroma and a few spices which make savour rich) 500ml / 190RUR

"Strawberries with cream" Pu'er (Chinese Pu'er with rose petals, strawberries and creamy taste.) 500ml / 190RUR

Tieguanyin (Traditional pekoe Chinese tea, combining the best qualities of black and green teas; the tea has a clear, amber-golden infusion, bright aroma with creamy notes and noble, honey-sweet taste.) 500ml / 190RUR



Black Forest (based   on Americano with addition of chocolate and cherry) 180ml / 220RUR

Mint-chocolate   coffee 180ml / 220RUR

Americano 140ml /   100RUR Espresso 70ml / 100RUR

Double espresso   140ml / 200RUR

Latte with syrup *   225ml / 195RUR Latte 210ml / 170RUR Cappuccino with syrup * 180ml / 195RUR

Cappuccino 180ml / 170RUR

Cold drinks

Morse, own production (sea-buckthorn, crimson, cranberry) 0,3л / 150р. | 1l / 430RUR

Raspberry lemonade, own production 1l / 350RUR

Lemonade, own production (tropical, berry, kiwi and parsley, banana and cucumber) 1l / 330RUR

Mojito alcohol-free (classic recipe: Sprite, lime, mint, sugar syrup, ice) 300ml / 270RUR

Milk cocktail (with banana, kiwi pulp, wild berries, fresh strawberries and tropical fruit) 300ml / 270RUR

Classic milkshake 300ml / 250RUR

Juice at option 0.2 | 1l / 70 | 350RUR

Water at option / still /sparkling. / 500ml / 120RUR

BonAqua / still /sparkling / 330ml | 250ml / 120 | 110RUR

Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta 250ml / 110RUR

Schweppes / Bitter Lemon, Indian Tonic / 250ml / 120RUR

Red bull 250ml / 250RUR


Sea buckthorn (sea buckthorn, orange, lime, cinnamon, cloves, mint) 500ml / 250RUR

Ginger (ginger, lemon, cinnamon, star anise, honey) 500ml / 250RUR

Cranberry (curative cranberry, orange, cinnamon) 500ml / 250RUR



Draft beer
Andechs Weissbier Hell / light unfiltered wheat (Germany) / - 0,3 | 0,5l / 230RUR | 280RUR

Andechs Vollbier Hell / light filtered(Germany) / - 0,3 | 0,5l / 230RUR | 280RUR

Black and tan "Black Bumblebee" / fresh taste of semi-dark wheat beer combined with notes of chocolate / - 0,3 | 0,5l / 180RUR | 240RUR

Royce-dark /beer with a rich coffee color, notesof bitter chocolate and light hop bitterness inaroma/ - 0,3|0,5l / 180|240RUR

Royce-light /light refreshing taste of this wheatbeer it is well-defined with a hop aftertaste andspicy notes/ - 0,3 | 0,5l / 180RUR | 240RUR

Bottle beer

Leffe Brune / dark ale, Belgium / 0,33l / 250RUR

Leffe Blonde / light ale, Belgium / 0,33 l / 250RUR

Belle-Vue Kriek / cherry ber, Belgium / 0,33 l / 250RUR

Hoegaarden / unfiltered wheat beer, Germany / 0,5l / 250RUR

Staropramen / light lager, Russia / 0.5l / 200RUR

Bud alcohol-free / light lager, Russia / 0,33 l / 200RUR



Single malt Scotch Whiskey

Glenmorangie 20ml | 0,7l / 270RUR | 8100RUR

Blended Scotch Whiskey

The Famous Grouse 20ml | 0,7l / 170RUR | 3900RUR

Irish blended whiskey

Kilbeggan 20ml | 0,5l / 150RUR | 3700RUR

Jameson 20ml | 0,5l / 150RUR | 2700RUR


Jim Beam 20ml | 0,5l / 150RUR | 2900RUR

Early Times 20ml | 0,7l / 140RUR | 2650RUR


Bacardi Carta Negra  50ml | 0,5l / 280RUR | 2500RUR

Bacardi Gold 50ml | 0,75l / 260RUR | 3300RUR

Bacardi Carta Blanca 50ml | 0,5l / 250RUR | 2200RUR


Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels 150th Anniversary 20ml | 0,7l / 190RUR | 5150RUR



Martell VSOP 50ml | 0,5l / 650RUR | 5900RUR

Martell VS 50ml | 0,5l / 420RUR | 3850RUR

Ararat 5 * 50ml | 0.7l / 290RUR | 3700RUR

Ararat 3 * 50ml | 0.5l / 200RUR | 1800RUR

Old Königsberg 50ml | 0,5l / 180RUR | 1450RUR

Polugar (Russian rye wine)

Polugar №2   "Garlic and pepper" 50ml | 0,5l / 360RUR | 3200RUR

Polugar №4   "Honey and pepper" 50ml | 0,5l / 360RUR | 3200RUR


Gray Goose 50ml | 0,5l / 370RUR | 3300RUR

Russian Standard Platinum 50ml | 0,5l / 180RUR | 1600RUR

Absolut vodka 50ml | 0,5l / 230RUR | 1900RUR

Finlandia 50ml | 0,5l / 220RUR | 1800RUR

Russian Standard Gold 50ml | 0,5l / 170RUR | 1400RUR

Russian Standard 50ml | 0,5l / 150RUR | 1200RUR

White birch      50ml|0,5l / 140RUR|1000RUR

Parliament        50ml|0,5l / 110RUR|800RUR



Jagermeister - 50ml | 0,5l / 260RUR | 2300RUR

Cointreau - 50ml | 0,5l / 240RUR | 2000RUR

Campari - 50ml | 0,5l / 280RUR | 2400RUR

Kahlua - 50ml | 0,7l / 270RUR | 3350RUR

Carolans Irish Cream - 50ml | 0,5l / 230RUR | 1900RUR


Martini Bianco (white dry) - 125ml | 0,5l / 330RUR | 1350RUR

Martini Rosso (sweet) - 125ml | 0,5l / 330RUR | 1350RUR

Martini Rosato (rose) - 125ml | 1l / 300RUR | 2450RUR


Red Wine


Cesari Jema Corvina Veronese IGT (red semi-dry) 750ml | 3800r.

Corte Moschina, Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC (red semi-dry) 750ml | 3200r.

Quanto Basta Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC (red dry) 250ml | 650r.


Chateau de Parenchere Cuvee Rafael, Bordeaux Superieur AOC (red dry.) 750ml | 3100r.

Chateau Haut-Courbian, Medoc AOC (red dry.) 750ml | 2450RUR

Pinot Noir Les Coteaux des Anges Bourgogne AOC Lugny l'Aurore (red dry) 750ml | 2000RUR


Casajus Vendimia Seleccionada, Ribera del Duero DO (red dry) 750ml | 3150RUR

Lagravera, "Laltre" (dry) 750ml | 2550RUR

Bodega Vinessens, "Scandalo" (red dry) 750ml | 2250RUR

Tempranillo Roble Organic Rueda DO Cuatro Rayas (red dry) 750мл | 2100RUR


Casa Santos Lima, "Quinta das Amoras" Tinto semi-dry (red semi-dry) 750ml | 1650RUR

Casa Santos Lima, "Quinta das Amoras" Tinto semi-sweet (red semi-sweet) 750ml | 1650RUR

South Africa

Diemersdal Pinotage (red dry) 750ml | 3200RUR


TerraMater, "Vineyard" Shiraz-Cabernet (red dry) 750ml | 2650RUR


Graneli, "Mamuli" Alazani Valley (red semi-sweet) 750ml | 1450RUR

White wine


Serbato Langhe Chardonnay DOC, Beni diBatasiolo (white dry) 750ml | 2100RUR

Cesari Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT (white dry) 750ml | 1600RUR

Quanto Basta Chardonnay (white dry) 250ml | 650RUR


Chablis AOC, Domaine Garnier et Fils (white dry) 750ml | 3150RUR

Petit Fume, Pouilly-Fume AOC, Michel Redde et Fils (white dry) 750ml | 2900RUR


Altos de Torona Albarino Rias Baixas DO Bodegas Altos de Torona (white dry) 750ml | 1800RUR

Pink wine

Estreia, Vinho Verde DOC (pink dry) 750ml | 1700RUR

Sparkling wine

Martini Asti (white   sweet) 750мл | 2800RUR

La Gioiosa Prosecco   Treviso DOC brut (white brut) 750ml | 1800RUR

Monasteriolo Cava DO   United Wineries Estates (white semi-dry) 750ml | 1550RUR

Moscato Spumante   rose dolce (pink sweet) 750ml | 1550RUR

Picanti Dolceze (white   semi-sweet) 750мл |   700RUR

La Gioiosa Prosecco   DOC (white brut) 200ml | 700RUR



Negroni (equal trio of "Campari" liquor, gin and sweet red vermouth for lovers of strong cocktails) 250ml / 400RUR

Glenshire (a bright cocktail of gin, orange and apple juices with Grenadine syrup) 200ml / 395RUR

Arago (creamy cocktail with rum and bright combination of coconut, banana, apple and caramel) 300ml / 390RUR

Tyrell (gin and tonic with lemon in combination of fresh mint and cucumber) 250ml / 380RUR

Cardinas (white rum enriched by "Cointreau" and "Campari" liqueurs with addition of ice) 250ml / 365RUR

Belini (berry cocktail with orange liqueur and rum with spicy note) 300ml / 360RUR

Greensoul (energy cocktail of vodka and - "Cointreau" liqueur with the rosemary, lemon and kiwi) 250ml / 345RUR

Ice Wine (cocktail based on semi-sweet white wine with orange juice, cognac, "Blue Curaçao" liqueur and ice) 250ml / 345RUR

BUSINESS LUNCH / 12: 00pm - 16: 00pm / 280RUR


• Carrot salad with creamy dressing and walnut

• Red borscht with meat and sour cream

• Beef goulash with seasonal vegetables

• Wheat baguette and rye baguette with cumin

• Drink at option:

- Greenfield tea black / green / floral

- Black instant coffee

- Dried fruits compot

• Amuse bouche


• Shopska salad with feta cheese

• Temernitsky soup with chicken and noodles

• Beef baked zrazy with chicken

• egg and fried onions

• Boiled potatoes with butter and herbs

• Wheat baguette and rye baguette with cumin

• Drink at option:

- Greenfield tea black / green / floral

- Black instant coffee

- Dried fruits compot

• Amuse bouche


• Vinegret with pickled honey fungi

• Meat solyanka with lemon, olives and

• sour cream

• Steamed fish quenelle with herbs

• Crumbly rice

• Wheat baguette and rye baguette with cumin

• Drink at option:

- Greenfield tea black / green / floral

- Black instant coffee

- Dried fruits compot

• Amuse bouche


• Beetroot salad with creamy dressing

• Soup with red beans and chicken meat

• Pork goulash with stewed vegetables

• Mashed potatoes

• Wheat baguette and rye baguette with cumin

• Drink at option:

- Greenfield tea black / green / floral

- Black instant coffee

- Dried fruits compot

• Amuse bouche


• Olivier-style salad with chicken meat

• Chicken soup with dumplings

• Pasta from hard wheat varieties a la

· carbonara

• Wheat baguette and rye baguette with cumin

• Drink at option:

- Greenfield tea black / green / floral

- Black instant coffee

- Dried fruits compot

• Amuse bouche